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Portfolio Publication

Once I've edited the best photos I've taken, it's time to organize them into a portfolio that presents my absolute best work. I wanted to stick with the genre of street photography so that my portfolio could have a central focus on the style and different subjects in my images, which helped me when deciding which photos to include in the portfolio. I decided to go fairly simple with my portfolio design, having each image go back and forth between a full page bleed and a matte print-style presentation. A preview of some pages from my portfolio.  I also wanted to keep the visual style consistent, so keeping with the street photography genre, I decided to produce each image in black-and-white. This meant that some images that I had originally edited to be in color I went back to and removed the color. Here's an image I decided to use that was originally composed with color. And here's the same image after I removed the color. Once I'm done putting together the port

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